Construction company

Megastroi 2014

Construction company

Megastroi 2014

Our main activity is the construction of industrial, residential and public buildings, as well as the communications to them.

We are focused on the design, manufacturing process and the installation of buildings made of metal structures and thermal panels.

Over 20 completed buildings for the last 5 years. 

Юни 2022

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We have experience in both construction, investment and construction project management. Tell us about your new project and we will build it for you. 

Строителство в Габрово

What we do

We manage processes for operation, development and control


We build residential, industrial and administrative buildings and warehouses

Real Estate Sales

Можем да посъветваме как да затворите продажбата на даден обект

Real Estate Investment

Работим по собствени инвестиционни проекти

Project Management

Упражняваме контрол на строителството


From metal structures to apartment blocks

Vali Computers, V.Tarnovo


Tonizi Auto, Gabrovo

Metal constructions

Megastroy 2014 is a construction company based in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, which specializes in the construction of buildings from metal structures and their adjacent connections. In addition to the quality performance of the buildings, Megastroy is also committed to building the infrastructure in the area around its sites.