Pishmana area, Veliko Tarnovo

City Park Homes

City Park Homes is part of our construction and investment projects. 

One complex of two sections, each with 15 apartments and 11 garages. 

More details about the project can be found here: MSBUILD 

City Park Homes is an investment project of a closed complex located in the developing area of Zone B in Veliko Tarnovo on Vasil Zlatarski Street. The complex consists of Sections A and B, each section having 4 floors and a ground floor, on which 11 garages are located per section. The apartments are two-room and three-room with a square footage of up to 140 sq.m. City Park Homes bets on a boutique look and a peaceful location near the city with quality construction with a modern look. 

The apartments are rented in the state of completion according to BDS - putty and mortar, installed external doors, high-quality joinery according to the appearance of the apartments, external thermal insulation, installed switches and sockets.